Buying CBD Oil in Burbank or in all of Los Angeles County is easier than ever now. CBD stores are opening up everywhere and we were very fortunate to be able to open Cobo Wellness CBD in Burbank. Especially being that Burbank only has a few CBD stores as the city of Burbank is very picky when it comes to allowing businesses like this to open as they have strict rules, guidelines, and expectations.
Facts about CBD Oil
As CBD has become extremely popular to help people relieve pain, anxiety, improve sleep, & other needs, the FDA is still skeptical. They haven't accepted any of these health claims or approved CBD as a dietary supplement but we the CBD industry believes the time will come eventually as more and more people benefit from using it.
CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of the many powerful chemical compounds found primarily in the flowers and leaves of hemp which is used to extract the compound from the plant. CBD is one of the many compounds that are known to help the mind and body in many wonderful ways.
Can CBD get you high?
No, CBD can’t get you high because it doesn’t contain any of the psychoactive traits of THC, the cannabinoid that interacts with the mind to cause someone to get high. When purchasing CBD products that are labeled as “Full Spectrum” will contain 0.3% THC but that is very small to feel any psychoactive high, however, at very high doses one might feel it.
If you were interested in CBD products but don’t even want to consume any THC, even at those low levels, then look for “Broad Spectrum” CBD products as those don’t contain any CBD. Broad Spectrum is when the company extracts the THC from the CBD extract to produce a THC-Free CBD product. It's important to make sure the company is reputable in their extraction process because some companies do in fact call it "THC-Free" but really they dilute the CBD extract with another oil such as MCT Oil or Hemp Seed Oil to bring the concentration lower.
Is CBD Oil Legal?
Los Angeles is such a liberal town that even recreational use of marijuana is legal and purchasing marijuana products is easier than ever. That leaves us to CBD which is non-psychoactive so it produces no such high like marijuana. Ever since the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, CBD is fully legal in all 50 states and free to be transported across state lines.
Where to Buy CBD Oil - Near Burbank or Los Angeles in General?
Like we mentioned above, CBD can be found literally everywhere now as the demand for them has increased significantly. If you’re in Burbank we would highly encourage you to visit our store, Cobo Wellness CBD, because we carry a wide variety of CBD products including CBD Oils, CBD Creams, CBD Coffee & Tea’s, CBD Bath Bombs, and even CBD products for you pet! If you can't make it you can always contact us to deliver the product to you FREE of charge as long as your within a 10 mile radius of our store.
To Conclude
If you’re thinking of purchasing CBD oil, we always recommend our customers to consult with their doctor if they have any illness or have medications that they are currently prescribed. If you have more questions about CBD make sure to check out our FAQs page to get your questions answered.

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